I’ll guide you through the entire process

If you have questions, I probably have answers! I have done these things countless times, remember when you plan an event like a wedding- you have never done it before and it is a massive undertaking, but guess what! I have, so many times, let me help you out! And for lots of first time mums you don't know where to start with booking a newborn or maternity session- but the same thing, there is help for you here- whatever session you are intrested in.

Woman & Child

This is the blanket term I use for all my Family, newborn and maternity sessions. It fits well to me, documenting the epic journey of woman and child in beautiful image format.

01. Is the timing right?

For maternity and newborn look to book while pregnant. The best tme to book a maternity shoot is 28-34 weeks pregnant. And a newborn session does need to be booked in advance with the perfect timing locked in for the first two weeks of babies life.

For family sessions, the answer is nearly always yes. Especially if you have kids! And there is a season you love? Or family visiting? Or my fave- annual photos!

02. Pick a style

of location.

I have been shooting for almost a decade in the Waikato- I know ALL the spots (pretty much, although if you show me knew places I will always thank you). If you don't know exactly where, this is where you give me a brief of what you like and I give you the best options!

03. Season & timeframes

If you are after a certain type of image for family photos especially, it is worth checking what season may be best as places and light looks so different as the year changes! And timeframes, if you have little children we need to work out the best time when we are likely to have happy, awake children and the best chance of beautiful light.

Woman & Child resources and guides

Wedding Resources & Guides


Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

For family, newborn and maternity, anywhere within 20km of Hamilton is covered, for further afield there is a small charge, For weddings, we cover Waikato wide and further afield will incur travel costs.

How long does it take to recieve the photos and how will they be delivered?

Weddings will always get a handful of photos in the few days following and your full gallery 6 weeks after.
For Woman&Child bookings

We want to include our dog into the session, is that ok?

Whatever session the answer is always, always yes. Weddings included.