Woman and child is where you will find all things maternity, newborn and family related. This space is all about honouring and showcasing beautiful families, loving, laughing and growing up together.

Family portraits. You always meant to get to it one day, but don't keep putting it off.

Babies turn into children and all of a sudden you don't feel the heft of them in. your arms, you watch them run ahead faster than you can.

So often, it is the mothers and the women who take the photos rather than share in the memories.

Woman & Child is my personal expression of the beauty of motherhood in all its wonderful, generational forms.

I so love to come and be in your space, whatever it looks like, and whatever season of motherhood you are in to help you mark the moments and remember in image form what your mind sometimes forgets.

Because as we all know, the days are long but the years are short.

Beautiful, natural portraits

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