Preparing for your maternity portrait session

You are having a baby! Congratulations!!! Below are a few pointers to help you prepare your session. If you have got this far, I am sure, you know that I do not work in a studio, but on location wherever that may be. I will work with you in your home or on your farm, on a beach, or in a woodland of our choosing to help get those gorgeous and real looking images.

I use a style called "unposed" some of the shots we will stage and I will help you get the right angles and positions, but for some, I will get you to interact with me and each other, play games, tell me stories all of this aims to elicit genuine, natural laughter and delight from you both.

For maternity sessions with me, the focus is on the couple, and the baby to be but less so about just showcasing the power of the woman. I have to say I am pretty partial to this style of session, but it is not something I focus on, there are some seriously epic Waikato maternity photographers who will focus on nude or semi-nude sessions and I can refer you to them for this! For me, the aim of maternity sessions is to capture the glorious stage of life and celebrate the birth of a family in image form.


Please allow about 45 minutes, depending on the location and if walking is needed.


This is totally up to what you like! I of course, have suggestions of places I love to shoot and am more than happy to discuss this when booking, but if you don't know where to begin, head on over either to pinterest or instagram and have a look at maternity photoshoots, make a little board or saved folder and see what you are overall drawn most too.

Home, beach, bush, fields, gardens, urban, sunset, or anything else you can find that you like!

Outfits and personal presentation:

So outfits, try and have your and your partners outfits non-clashing and something that reflects you guys.

For maternity mothers, dresses are best, it doesn't cut you in half and showcases the bump to the best, soft-flowy dresses are amazing as they can be moved and fall beautifully, however tight fitted dresses are stunning also as they showcase the complete form of your baby bump. Both styles of dresses can be incredibly flattering, however sometimes a little un-flattering so it is definitely worth planning out what you like best on your body.

If you are concerned about this definitely get in touch.

Colour is completely at your discretion, whites and creams are very on-trend. but full colour dresses also look incredible. For the majority of mothers, stay away from intense patterns and black dresses.

If in doubt, bring a change of clothes!

If you have the chance it can be really nice to make a day of it and consider either getting your makeup done professionally or doing it yourself if you have the skills. This is not a necessity, however, getting your makeup professionally done does provide vibrant yet natural images without looking like you have makeup caked on. We have a bunch we recommend here in Hamilton and a few are listed below:

Support needed?

If there are young children involved, it can be so helpful to have a beloved person; grandparent/aunty/friend/neighbour come along to help, play and support the kids. It can help get them looking the right way as well as entertaining them if they are not in every set.

If you do not have a “helper” it is worth planning something for the kids to get excited about. Think, bubbles, or frisbee, kites or bikes, anything that your kids will want to play with.

I actually cannot wait as I love this! I hope we can make wonderful photos together and create some pretty cool memories along the way!

Hannah x