You will hear me say this over and over, you really need to get photos off the computer and into your hands! If you do ONE thing with them, do this. On your walls or in an album, or BOTH, please have your precious memories in hard copy so you and your family can enjoy them over and over.

12x9 and 10x10

Statement Albums

All of our albums are designed and made right here in New Zealand by Queensberry, and let me tell you they are STUNNING.
We offer Statement albums that come beautifully presented, boxed in suede bags for durability.
Statement albums come in 2 sizes, either 12x9 inch or 10x10 inch and include 10 spreads on standard silver halide paper, with either linen or faux leather cover as well as your choice of embossed title.

For information on customisation and ordering process click below.

Statement Albums


Statement Albums


About Queensberry Albums

Queensberry's man-made materials are selected with an eye to their visual appeal, touch, durability and impact on the environment. Micro Leathers offer the same "touch and feel" as genuine leather, with beautiful textures and lovely colours. Faux Leathers are another vegan-friendly alternative to genuine leather and offer still more beautiful textures and colours.

The heart of every photographic product is the printed image and the stock it's printed on. Queensberry card and paper stocks are chosen for their quality, durability, appearance, and suitability for purpose. All are pH-buffered to ensure they remain acid-free over a lifetime. Printing equipment is carefully calibrated, managed and maintained to produce accurate colour and long-lasting prints.

How do I order mine?

1. Faves list

First thing to do is to create a new favourites list on your gallery (I suggest you call it "Album"). A rough guide is a maximum of 5 images per spread you want. So 50 images for 10 spreads etc.

Please only include images you want to be included in your album.

2. Get in touch

Let me know you have made your list and we can chat specifics; cover, paper type, styling for the cover etc.

You will also need to let me know any key images you want full size (or right over the spread).

At this point, I can provide you a customised price if you are making adjustments to your statement album .

3. Approve the proof

Once the proof is ready I will send you a link for you to approve, you can make up to 20 adjustments included in the cost.

When you give the okay we will go ahead an place the order with Queensberry, at this point your invoice will be due.

4. Order complete

Your order is done! Now we excitedly wait for your album to be shipped, if you are in Hamilton you can expect us to deliver it (or you can collect) and share a cuppa if time permits!!!

Make it yours

Fine art paper upgrade

All our albums come with a beautiful silver halide paper, however if you want that extra luxe vibe you can opt for our fine art paper which is honestly incredible. You can see an example of this in our studio sample "Liam and Amber"

For a standard 10 page spread this is an additional $150

Additional Spreads

If you can't narrow down your photo selection, which I totally get, I suggest you opt for additional spreads:

  1. Standard Silver Halide paper is an additional $30 per spread
  2. For the extra-luxe Fine art paper additional spreads are $50

Leather cover

The smell of a true leather cover cannot be beat! These are amazing and come in a variety of colours.

To upgarde to a leather cover is an additional $150

Larger size

If you wish to upgrade to a larger size album we also offer either square 12 x 12 or portrait and landscape 14 x 10.

To upgrade to a larger size is an additional $150