behind the lens

Hi friends, I'm Hannah,

For coming up 10 years I have had the privilege of taking peoples photos as a job. I have been involved in hundreds of peoples lives documenting the BIG things, like weddings! And the seemingly small, but actually really big things, like daily family life. I love helping people plan their sessions and then bringing them to life.

I am outgoing and absolutely love having a laugh, and this is reflected in all sessions, I really want you to have fun, and let the natural laughter come through in your images.

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Session types


Your wedding is the biggest party ever! Our bread and butter for the last 7 years, we get excited by weddings that have couples who are quirky, fun, down to earth and ridiculously in love! We love to showcase fun and joy in each and every wedding!


Pregnancy is the most miraculous time, you are growing a beautiful new human and marking the moment with natural and beautiful images will always be a good idea.

I love sessions that reflect not just a mama's body, but also her family too!


Making time to book a newborn session will see you capture those exhausting, sleepy, delicious moments that, though it feels long, goes by so fast. My newborn sessions operate in your home for truly relaxed and natural, as well as beautiful images. A newborn session is up to 2 weeks old. Alternatively you can book a first smiles session from 6-10 weeks old.


I cannot stress this enough. Do. Not. Wait. Book a family session before you look how you want to in the future, or when you have more time, because your family will not keep. Beautiful photos of you having fun and engaging with each other will be some of the only things that matter in ten years time.

Why book a family session?

Having a family is insane and beautiful and hazy and blurry and teary and wonderful, the stages vanish. Babies turn into children and all of a sudden you don't feel the heft of them in your arms, you watch them run ahead faster than you can.

I have a true awe and love of what we as women can do and be. How so often, it is the mothers and the women who take the photos rather than being in them. You may share in the memories, but the images help those memories stick.

I love photos that help express the beauty of motherhood in all its wonderful, generational forms.

I so love to come and be in your space, whatever it looks like, and whatever season of motherhood you are in to help you mark the moments and remember in image form what your mind sometimes forgets.

Because as we all know, the days are long but the years are short.

Family sessions can be for just one child, or a clan of 40 of you. It can be in your home, or on location that we plan together. I cannot wait to hear what you have in mind and bring these dreams to life.


I AM IN LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE!!! You guys are freakin ARTISTS!!! You guys made our day so amazing, you filled it will such good energy and excitement, everyone is still raving about how awesome a job you guys did from coordinating the photos to the yarns and everything in between! We had so much fun!

Carl + Laura

"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do."

Andy Warhol