Getting everyone together can be an absolute mission if you have a big family, but when you do.

It Is Magic.

These beautiful people made time this July for a winter family photoshoot.

Three generations, involving brothers and sisters, cousins, aunties and uncles, grandparents and of course parents and children.

We had a wonderful time as a group, making space for each different family to break away, for siblings to have time, for all the cousins, for JUST the founding members (read that as the OG Mum and Dad to the whole crew). When it comes to family portraits I love to see a balance between beautiful sets, but also truly organic moments of play and interaction.

Excellent family portraits still need some photos where we try and "collect" you. Where everyone looks great and is actually looking at the camera.

But you realistically need maybe one of these for each group. The rest of the photos? Lots of laughing, lots of movement, lots of photos that will actually help link to memories. Because the ones where you all stand there neatly, often don't look like any kids I know. The real magic happens in between these,

So here are just a handful from the Sanders.

And a fair few of those wonderful in-between moments!

Enjoy! I certainly enjoyed taking these.

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