So about to start writing a list of who to have in those family photos? After seeing a BUNCH over the years we have worked out its so much easier to have a good, detailed list (add in the names!) and also have it sorted so people come for their photos only once, then they can get back to chatting and snacking. So below is how we suggest for a standard family, you take out or add in what you want, but think it through as starting BIG and drilling DOWN to just your folks! Any questions just get in touch as usual :)

Hannah x


Brides Family:


1.   Brides Extended family fathers side

2.   Brides Paternal grandparents

3.   Just bride and father with grandparents

4.   Just bride with grandparents

5.   Bride and groom with both sets of grandparents

6.   Brides Maternal Grandparents

7.   Just Bride and mother with Grandparents

8.   Just bride with grandparents

9.   Brides Extended family mothers side

10. Brides immediate family (siblings, partners and parents)

11. Bride and groom with siblings and partners

12. Just bride and siblings

13. Bride and groom and brides parents

14. Just bride with her parents

15. Just bride and mum

16. Just bride and dad


Grooms family


17. Grooms Extended family fathers side

18. Grooms Paternal grandparents

19. Just Groom and father with grandparents

20. Just Groom with grandparents

21. Bride and groom with both sets of grandparents

22. Grooms Maternal Grandparents

23. Just Groom and mother with Grandparents

24. Just Groom with grandparents

25. Grooms Extended family mothers side

26. Grooms immediate family (siblings, partners and parents)

27. Bride and groom with siblings and partners

28. Just Groom and siblings

29. Bride and groom and Grooms parents

30. Just Groom with his parents

31. Just Groom and mum

32. Just Groom and dad