Taking photos of families has been a slow burn passion for me. Since having my own children 4 years ago, it hit me how insane and beautiful and hazy and blurry and teary and wonderful the abby stage and these small years are. Then my baby turned into a child, who became a sister and now, well, now family portraits have taken on a whole new meaning and level of importance.

I chose to divide my work a little to seperate this section intentionally from our wedding work, as this needs its own space to be. In that, I have renamed and formalised my newborn and family work into the Woman and Child brand.

This flows from a true awe and love of what we as women can do and be. How so often, it is the mothers and the women who take the photos rather than share in the memories.

So here you will find a bit of a snapshot of photography focused on women and children (and dads totally feature too!)

I would so love to share some of these times with you, and come and be in your space to help you mark the moments, because as we all know, the days are long but the years are short.

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