The Go's Story

OH my goodness. Caitlin and Jerry! What a dream!!!! This wedding was so beautiful, we were seriously excited for this already but it was even better than anticipated, nearly everything was DIY and it looked insanely good. It was such a hugely emotional day, not just because of who these guys are (seriously, ALWAYS laughing), but because Caitlin's dear father was missing from the day. The family had celebrated their first year without him just a couple of weeks back and it heightened in every way how much he was missed. The one thing Caitlin asked us about, was if there were fantails to get a photo of one, they are said to represent those who have passed on but these sweet birds are hard to spot. The little guy below was one of a pair that we kept seeing around the gardens during our photos. The ceremony was stunning and the bridal party photos were so much fun and the couple photos dreamy. But honestly, one of my favourite things about these guys is all the in between "bloopers" (yes some are included) where they just played, walked, danced, spun around and laughed. Also, they had pizza for dinner and gelato for dessert, the wedding was destined to be a winner with that. Hugest congratulations you wonderful people, we are beyond stoked for you guys!!!! MUCH love.

Awesome Vendors:

Bridal Dress: Asos

Ceremony Venue: Hamilton Gardens

Pizza food truck: Flamin Pizza Truck

Gelato food truck: Mister Gelato