1. Yes. We are both fully vaccinated.

2. We are committed to operating legally

3. We are still taking epic photos that are a lot of fun

4. We are trying to do our utmost for each clients needs– while keeping the business alive


Unfortunately these times are just unbelievably unclear and there is absolutely no guarantee of improvement any time soon. Being as we are not a big business, we have already taken a serious hit over the last two years, and as things do not look promising for anything like normal any time soon we are needing to be a bit firmer on how we operate in order to keep things going as we also only have a select number of dates available each summer. Every time a wedding moves from one season to the next it is a dir


What's the deal with postponing the wedding?

When we are UNABLE to have a wedding due to either government restrictions (being 10 or less) or the couple themselves contracting Covid (this does not extend to family). We will move the date outside of the wedding season it is in for free. However if the wedding can go ahead regardless of the restrictions, we can only move the date in the same wedding season without incurring losses. We will postpone once to a new summer peak season date with a non refundable season changing fee of $250. If you wish to transfer it to a non peak date (Monday to Thursday) there will be no date change fee.

Will you shoot an uncertified wedding?

Yes! Definitely, however we will need confirmation that the legality of restrictions (pertaining to the current traffic light) is observed

What happens if you (matt and hannah) get Covid?

Don't stress! If we get Covid, or for some reason cannot shoot your wedding, we will arrange an epic associate photographer (who will aslo be a pro wedding photographer themselves) to shoot your wedding.We belong to a great network of supportive professionals and we are all supporting one another in this.

Can we make last minute changes?

Yes. We will do everything we can to work with you if it's a case of bringing the wedding forward or adjusting it last minute.

Creative portrait sessions

We will constantly be adjusting practices, at the moment under current regulations things all proceed as normal, except in Red level. Where some instances, eg. Newborn photography do need to be adjusted.


If due to covid we want need to defer can we?

Providing that your invoice is up to date, we can defer till another time when suits mutually.

Newborns and Unvaccinated family

Under the RED traffic light system, unfortunately newborn lifestyle sessions will not be able to go ahead. These are classified as close contact and as such will not be able to operate as standard. Under both orange and green there is not problem with this.

Family sessions with unvaccinated members

Providing we are outdoors, these can go ahead as per usual, no matter your vaccination status or the traffic light we are in.

Can I do a newborn session outside?

You can, however it will be very different to how a traditional newborn session would be, I am working on some elements to allow a full newborn session outdoors. So watch this space.

Can I transfer my newborn booking to a family booking or sitter session?